Contos e afins => Woke up this morning

woke up this morning

Woke up this morning. I was alone. Looked everywhere: what about she? Gone.

I tried so hard, so hard to understand. “Guess she’s far away now”, I thought. “Maybe in other land”.

So I ran into a bar. Took my guitar. Played some songs, drank a whiskey in a goddamn jar. While I was playing, did my guitar scream (for real!). Then, suddenly I felt weird. And went into a dream.

Tripping I saw, guess who: Lucy in the sky. No diamond this time, sorry John. Just a girl. Quite shy.

When I awoke, was in front of the trash. Without any pride or any kind of glory.
Shoes or cash.

So this random man approached and spoke something that I didn’t understand. In his hands, I noticed, he had something – hell yeah, there was a ring.

That little thing, let me tell you, just made me blind. The bright, man… Couldn’t get off of my freaking mind!

Well, the man was a thief, he wanted my guitar. I was like “come on, no, bro!”, and told bye-bye to the bar.

Thought I was safe, but it was a mistake. Getting off of that place, ran into my woman’s face.

Yeah, my lady was there. She came to me with this really, really big shotgun in hand. Turned slowly and said: “Pardon my french, honey, but you have no mend”.

Then my little gal shot me right on the neck. Not once – twice. And I died. No advice.

What am I doing today, you ask? Well, today I’m living. Living actually very well. It’s just my body that’s bugging me, frying in the fire of hell.


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